How to set closure for the control event without using target and action?

Any self-respecting programmer strives to maximize his productivity. We can create templates or code snippets, but usually, they need to be improved to solve a specific problem. Another option is to create syntactic sugar for yourself, which does not affect the program’s behavior but makes the language more convenient. This approach can increase our productivity during routine tasks.

One good example in UIKit is adding an action to pass a target, selector, and event type. The following code snippet shows you how add target to UIButton object in a familiar way:

As you can see, every time you…

Build your interface with configurable cells that can use different views inside, create a custom template file for creating views. Speed up your development process.

Many developers are faced with different problems related to the support and implementation of new functionality. Usually, it happened when the company or the product itself begins to grow too quickly. Undoubtedly, the user interface is growing too. As the volume of work increases, the company expands the number of developers, but this approach is not always sufficient. We will see this a little bit later. When I worked for a company that we will discuss later, we faced the same problems Robert Martin described in his books. In this article, we will consider individual developments for the iOS platform…

Let’s look at the presented functionality in Facetime app and see what it gives us at the WWDC 21 conference.

WWDC 21 has just begun, but there is already something to talk about and something to tell. Craig Federighi kicked off his presentation this year with the new FaceTime features in iOS 15. The coronavirus pandemic has made a difference in our lives. More than ever, it has become necessary to be in touch with families and close people constantly. More and more people are using video communication for almost any reason, and therefore it was essential to making this process simple and bring something new. FaceTime is incredibly intuitive and uses end-to-end channel encryption for secure video communications. It…

Navigation in the app is the most crucial point in user experience. Now a day almost all apps have components that respond to navigation. This article goes through the complete creation, use, and customization of NavigationView in SwiftUI.

Navigation style

Navigation is the essential aspect of the success of your application as a product. You need to enable the user to navigate the application quickly and expectably. The task of the developer is to make this process as intuitive and understandable for him as possible. Usually, users do not know about navigation, yet it is simple and straightforward. …

Let's go over List and LazyVStack implementation in SwiftUI, how to remove row separator and customise List view for iOS 13 and what under the hood. We will find out how List and LazyVStack works and implement each view depending on your needs.

I still think that the SwiftUI framework is far from complete, but it is necessary to learn and investigate it. Many developers are skeptical, but it will become the primary tool in our hands sooner or later. Because SwiftUI gives us a simple way to build UI across Apple platforms using declarative Swift syntax. Also, Xcode provides you many tools to make your work easier and faster compared to UIKit. All your code is visible as a preview and immediately refreshed after your changes. So SwiftUI is an incredibly excellent framework that design tools cannot pass by.

1. Prepare data for usage and iteration

To display a…

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